Facebook ads

30 Day Campaign

  • 1 Campaign with 3 audience targets, 2 ads (2 ad creative (graphic) variations on each ad for a total of 6 ads)
  • Copy
  • Graphics
  • Audience Setup
  • Placement of FB pixels on proper pages for ads
  • Initial testing for 48 hours to assess audiences
  • Analysis of results and suggestions for ads to leave on/turn off
  • Monitor ads for initial 30 days with weekly updates to client and minor tweaks to continue optimizing

    **Ad budget is separate cost paid directly by the client. In the first week, multiple ads are tested (approx. $30/day). Testing budget in the first 3-6 days is $150-$200.  After ad testing and optimization, higher performing ads can be scaled slowly. The desired budget for remainder of the month can be determined after testing period.

Sales Landing Page Design & Build 

  • Sales Landing Page design (not including copy)
  • Thank you page design and copy
  • Hook up to email service provider