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Facebook ads

30 Day Campaign

  • 1 Campaign with 3 audience targets, 2 ads (2 ad creative (graphic) variations on each ad for a total of 6 ads)
  • Copy
  • Graphics
  • Audience Setup
  • Placement of FB pixels on proper pages for ads
  • Initial testing for 48 hours to assess audiences
  • Analysis of results and suggestions for ads to leave on/turn off
  • Monitor ads for initial 30 days with weekly updates to client and minor tweaks to continue optimizing

    **Ad budget is separate cost paid directly by the client. In the first week, multiple ads are tested (approx. $30/day). Testing budget in the first 3-6 days is $150-$200.  After ad testing and optimization, higher performing ads can be scaled slowly. The desired budget for remainder of the month can be determined after testing period.

Sales Landing Page Design & Build 

  • Sales Landing Page design (not including copy)
  • Thank you page design and copy
  • Hook up to email service provider

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Web design

We work with: 

  • /
  • Squarespace



  • Logo+ web design + WordPress set up
  • Includes the following plug ins:

- Akismet
- Comet Cache
- Yoast SEO
- Wordfence Security
- Wp smush it


  • Web desing + Squarespace set up

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Social Media Marketing

Let your social media do the work for you

Virtual Asistant Social Media Strategy

We work with the following platforms: 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Social Media Packs:

Am I doing this right? Audit Pack

You know how important is social media for your Business and, although you have been managing yourself and your social platforms, you are not getting the results you were hoping for, and it’s taking up more time than you are comfortable with. You have tons of questions about the work you are doing.

Are you in the social media platforms you should?
How can you engage in a better way with your fans/followers?

You can find in this pack:

·         Social media + audience analysis

·         A list with improvements for your platforms: visual identity, bios, your content and what tools should you use.

·         Style guide for your social media

*This pack includes the analysis for 2 social media platforms.

SOS, I need help – A Proper Start pack

You understand that social media is non-negotiable when looking to give more visibility to your business on the Internet, but you are at a loss on how to start or how to create an appropriate social media strategy for your project.

How should I talk to my buyer persona? What kind of content should I post? When should I post?

We will teach you how to manage your social media and how to write a winning strategy for your business, so you can do it yourself in the future.

You can find in this pack:

  • Social media + audience analysis
  • Personalized strategy for your business: what goals to set and what actions do you need to achieve them. What kind of content should you post, how to grow your engagement with your fans, how to get more followers and what kind of tools should you be using.
  • Content calendar for the first 15 days to use as an example.
  • Setting up your profile in the selected social media platforms (2 profiles).
  • Training on how to use the selected social media*: 2 hours by video conference + a user’s guide of the selected social media so you can become a pro yourself**.

*Social media platforms included are: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter y Linkedin.

**Questions answered by email 2 months after buying this pack.

I Want It All pack

So, you want to grow your social media and engage with your buyer persona. And you know to achieve that, you need an appropriate strategy and lots of time. But you do not have time to spare or you need that time to manage other things of your business. You need help creating a winning strategy, managing your social media and pumping up your community.

You can find in this package:

  • Context & audience analysis
  • Social Media Strategy: setting your goals in social media and what kind of actions do you need to achieve them.
  • Community Management: setting and managing your profiles in social media. Interaction with your followers to build a strong community and achieve your goals. Growing your fan-base in an organic way.
  • Editorial calendar for your posts.
  • Style guide for your social media and visual identity templates.
  • Analytics: setting your KPIs and metrics to measure your results + monthly reports.
  • Conclusions of the implemented plan and a proposal of new direction.

*This pack does not include creation of pictures and videos, just the use of stock images and videos.

*This pack is not a customer service (we direct questions via email).

*The schedule of social media management is from Monday through Friday during usual office hours. Extra hours and special needs prices upon application.

*This pack does not include social media ads (Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.).